Equipment and Processes

Green Sand

  • 16x20 B&P Molding Machine

  • 20x26 B&P Molding Machine

  • Hartley Mueller and control system

No-Bake Sand

  • Palmer 200 mixer

  • Tinker Omega TOM 350 & 125 mixers

  • Tinker Omega 6HL Reclaimer

  • Tinker Omega CT-3000-2 Compaction table

  • Tinker Omega E1000 Mold Manipulators

  • Tinker Omega PV6 Pneumatic Sand Conveying


  • 2500 lb Pillar Induction Steel Shell Furnace with MK8 600KW Pillar Power Supply

  • 1800 lb Ajax Induction Box Furnace with MK8 400KW Pillar Power Supply


  • (1) Fox Bench Grinder with diamond wheels for smaller castings

  • (2) Fox Bench Grinding with stone wheels for smaller castings

  • (2) Grinding Booths with lift tables and jib crane for larger castings